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Michael P.
Experience in our company
  • $250k+ Total Earnings
  • 113 Total Jobs
  • 8132 Total Hours
  • Magdalen College, Oxford University - History 2012-2015

  • Goldsmiths College, University of London - Journalism, media studies and communication 2005-2009
Non-Fiction: Lifestyle Book of the Year (2017, 2022)

Bestseller Award (2017)

Biography/Autobiography of the Year
(2019, 2021)

The History Book of the Year (2020)

Biography/Autobiography of the Year
Top Writer

About me

I am an expert on early modern history with a focus on the history of scholarship, religion, and science. I presently have two projects in progress.

First, I'm wrapping up a monograph on the origins of the heterodox belief that people do not have immortal souls, which examines the history of the concept of the soul in early modern England. This topic was the subject of an interdisciplinary debate in the early modern period that included scholars from various fields, including history, medicine, and natural philosophy. Building on this work, I am also writing a "biography" of William Warburton's classic the Divine Legation of Moses (1738–41), a book about the belief in immortality among the biblical Hebrews that, despite being an extremely technical work of scholarship, caused a sensation among the general public in the middle of the eighteenth century.

Another key interest is the history of astrology in the early modern world. I’m writing about the process by which astrology, once a vibrant aspect of cultural and intellectual life, came to be rejected as a superstition outside the bounds of science – a huge shift that remains a major puzzle in the history of science. My main interest is the contribution of late humanist scholarship to this shift and to ‘disenchantment’
more broadly.

I’m also interested in the history of different state regimes and political movements. Since I am a historian by education, this is my main interest. It is insanely interesting for me to connect simple life, historical facts and current history.

Over 13 years of experience working in state ghostwriting companies. Work with both fiction and non-fiction literature, books and scripts. It is able to adapt to any requests and desires of the client, bringing the content to an ideal result.

Thanks to my extensive experience with ghostwriting, I am ready to adapt to different budgets and customer wishes.
  • Oh, I don't have enough words to describe the work done with these guys. I didn't fully believe that my book would ever really appear. My friends have been telling me for a long time: “Alex, you can write a book about your life” - I just laughed, and then I thought why not. Thank you, thank you, God himself sent you to me! Thanks to my author Michael, and to everyone who helped and explained to me why certain parts are better not to write. I haven't published the book yet, while I'm giving it to my friends to read, and you know, they cry. Even knowing my story, they read and cry. I think this book will be a success. Thank you for everything!
  • You know, when I turned to the ghostwriter, I did not fully believe that this was a good idea. I couldn't understand how someone would write a book for me? How many times I sat down to write and couldn't write a line, so I came to the conclusion that it was time to give up, and let someone else bring my idea to life. It's great that I found you, and thanks to the manager, who immediately understood what my problem was and was able to convince me not to mock myself. Talk to these guys, you'll understand what I mean. I wish you good luck, I think I'll be back.
  • Magic! That's how I can describe working with you. So simple, so fast, so clear - you are really professionals in your field! Thanks to the Michael for the recommendations and for the ideas that did not occur to me, thanks to the editor for patience and explanations, thanks to everyone who worked on this fantastic book. Very soon she will see the light!
  • I read reviews - excellent! And why does no one write that the project manager will not leave you alone until he finds out everything about you and your wishes? And how much effort will you spend to create this book? Guys, get ready for serious work. The fact that someone is writing a book for you does not mean that you can safely drink margaritas in the evenings )) And yet, this review will not be an exception, you are the best, even though you got me pretty much with your “please explain what you mean, and wouldn't it be better to do so”? However, when I saw the book, I realized that you were right. Okay, okay, you're right about everything)) and thank you for the recommendations for publication!
  • I came with the idea of a motivational book. “There are thousands of them,” they told me (otherwise I didn't know). But they clearly asked about how my book differs from others and they were hooked on the story. Although after all their questions, I thought they were trying to dissuade me from this idea, but no, it turned out that they helped me to understand my audience better and for whom this book would be. There was a lot of correspondence, messages, and now, three months later, I have a book that compares favorably with others. We did a competitive analysis, so now I know for sure that there are no 1000 or even 100 such books. And I have a chance to turn the book into a bestseller. Thank you, you are the best!
  • I had the idea to write one 20-page fairy tale. Started Googling… What was my surprise when booksuccess asked me if there were any other ideas for other fairy tales? No one asked about it, everyone just called the price. And there were a lot of ideas, because I am a mother of three children! So, they offered me to write a book of fairy tales. Yes, it's more expensive, but for some reason it never even occurred to me to release a collection. I just told them my stories, and the author Michael wrote them, and this is something amazing, incredible, wonderful!!! It was definitely worth it. Thank you for asking this simple question and thank God who directed me to you!

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